Nantes airport (LFRS) alternative solution

Maybe you have heard about the new airport project in "Notre Dame des Landes", north to the city of Nantes.

Resistance to the project resulted in a "ESG Infra" report, "Alternative projetc No. 1 - Optimisation Nantes-Atlantique", proposing few changes to the Nantes-Atlantique actual airport with a reorientation of the current runway, to avoid overview of the city and facilitate takeoffs and landings.

For more information on alternatives solutions :

I wanted to make more real this alternative
project by modeling a runway oriented east/west. I found that there was also space for a second runway reserved for smallers planes, private and business. I added a second terminal to the south for good measure. Pascal Dumat made special objects who represents part of the current buildings.

The main runway has the same length as the current runway. The second
1200m runway should be abble for landing with ATR70.

This scenery should allow pilots and others people in aeronautics to try out this new configuration, without prejudging the merits of this solution or the implementation of the new airport at "Notre Dame-des-Landes".

Good flights.

Note: After your discovery of these alternatives virtuals runways, you can delete the scenery and install the current runway after download
HERE, the scenery of Pascal Dumat.

Download alternative nantes airport (LFRS) (31 Mo)

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