City of PARIS - intra muros

For years I've planned this scenery. I started to work on summer of 2013. I did not imagine at those time it would take me so long time to build it. I wanted to create a very specific autogen based on news "extrusions" to render more accurately the density of buildings in Paris. This is the purpose of this scenery. Everything else is only standard improvment.

The scenery is a little larger than Paris. Sometimes goes beyond the outlying street and also includes the cyties of Boulogne-Billancourt, Neuilly, Auteuil.

- So I redo a full autogen, based on my originals "extrusions", with pictures of Parisian buildings. Bigs thanks  to Jean-Louis and Dominique Dziedziczak Derreumaux for their photographic contributions. Also big thank to Gideon Grospied for its originals autogen files on which I rely to create my own files.

- I redo the mesh on a 20m / pixel basis. It has been retouched by hand to stick well to buildings.

- I created the photo texture on the basis of an old image from "Geoportail", used for non-commercial purposes. The 4 seasons and night are represented with their shades. This is why the zip file is so big (1.5 Go).

- I relocated and rescale all the remarkable buildings of the original scene, who was, too big (radio-France tower, triumph arch, obelisk) or too small (sacre-coeur church).

- I deleted all generic buildings in the scenery and added a bunch of generic buildings.

- I added a number of additional remarkable buildings from the older Google Earth. I also want to thank the authors. Those I have contacted did not answered me. I hope they are not annoyed by used some of their objects.

- I redo all the bridges and some remarkable buildings with Gmax. A big thank to Didier Puentes who help me with the great wheel of the "Tuileries Park".

- I added a slew of generic bridges around the scenes, on the basis of a bridge file Gropied Gideon gave me. Again thanks to him.

- I added a little road traffic.

As usual, a big thank you to the community who helped me to debug the scenery.

Note 16 january 2016 : A new version  v1-05 is available:  A tool from
Arno Gerretsen "AutogenConfigurationMerger" is added and installed at the end of install process.
This solve problem of compatibility with ORBX scenery. If you had no problem with version 1, it's not usuefull to download this new  version.

Note 1 september 2016 : A new evolution 1.2 is available in two versions. I added a bunch of buildings and correct oversized générics buildings in the Est of Paris.
In details :

Train stations : Lyon, Nord, Est, St-Lazare, Statue place of republique, Market of square St-Honoré, Palace of justice and conciergerie, Mall Samaritaine, Church St Etienne du mont, Holly Chapell, Church St Sulpice, Church St Germain, Church ND of clignancourt, Church St-Ambroise, Church Val de Grace, Palace Bourbon, Invalides, Frontage place de la concorde, Institut, Place of Vosges, Hard-platform for helico on finance ministery, Tower "First", Castel of Vincennes, Tower "Sequoia", Hotel-Dieu, Big Mall, 2 buildings of Hopitals of Helipad (salpetriere et Lariboisière), Palace Brognart, Natural History Museum, Balloon "Paris Air"  in "Andre Citroen" garden, The stands of racetracks,
many generics tours and buildings  in various blocks.                            

I have compiled my picture texture of 27937x11068 pixels, representing approximately 18.5 x 11 km, with 0.5m / pixel and 1m / pixel. Choose the version that best suits your hardware.

Note 15 décembre 2017 : New edition 1.25 is available : "AutogenConfigurationMerger" is now compatible for P3D v4. Road trafic is haded. It was ready for long time but i  forgot to put it in previus versions, plus fews corrections and minors buildings added.

Note 4 march 1018 : A new Autogen is available for P3D v4. It seem that some graphics configurations generate artifacts  with some particulars shapes.Many thanks to Jean-Louis Turchet who help me to debbug the autogen.


Dedicated Autogen for P3D v4

Download Autogen of PARIS intra-muros for P3D (3.8 Mo)

Ground picture texture  at 1 m/pixel

Download light scenery of PARIS intra-muros v1.25 (430 Mo)

Ground picture texture at 1 m/pixel
Download full scenery of PARIS intra-muros v1.25 (1.5 Go)


Before After


Louvre B
Louvre A

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