St Pierre & Miquelon islands

Another update of my scenery designed for FS9.
You will find the island of St Pierre recreated with photorealistic textures 2M/pixel, significantly improved compared to FS9.
The village of Miquelon is also recreates
with photorealistic textures.
As usual, all seasons are present as well as night textures.
Terrain, Landclass, Autogen, rivers and roads are presents, and also a little traffic and most notable buildings.

The big news is the airport of St-Pierre. I modeled in Gmax the runway with its true longitudinal profile. The runway is shaped like a bowl, as in reality. This does not really make the landing more difficult but it provides greater realism. The taxi-ways are also modeled in the same way.
Runway, taxi-ways and parking using a photorealistic texture. The compromise between quality and size of textures give a close look not completely perfect. The runway lights, placed at different altitudes complicate the task and the approach lights are quite surprising.

I also included a basic mission to help you discover the archipelago.

Don't forget to send me your comments.

This scenery is not compatible with FS 2004 (FS9).

Download scenery of St Pierre & Miquelon (19 Mo)

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Patch for Miquelon airport (3 ko)

Realised par Claude Daguerre.
It correct a Flatten bug on somes computers (mars 2011)

Patch SPM pour French Island Photos HD Réalised par Alain Nicco. This patch merge correctly my scenery with "French Islands PHOTO HD" (commercial scenery by FranceVFR)

Touts droits reserves - Marc-Henri GUITTENY