Yeu island - LFEY

After a break, I found the time to update my scenery of Yeu for Fs9, which is dated from 2005. There is nothing surprising in this scenery which is classic in all points of views.

- I renewed all my old
Gmax files. The mesh is now based on a 20 m per pixel. A very local mesh is sampled specifically to keep the compatibillty with pay meshs (5 m).

- I replaced the texture picture with a new in 0.5 m/pixel. There is four seasons and the night inside. This is why the zip file is so big.

- I made a new airfield and runway. The runway is flat, allowing to preserve the AI traffic.

I have to say a big thank you to several people:

Pascal Dumat who gave me his local aiplane traffic. I also picked up a few parts of textures of its terminal.

Gédeon Gropied who gave me Agn
files of the island containing the houses.

Jean-marc Ganille which gave me quite a few recent photos of the Terminal.

Patrick RENAUDIN. I've used two characters of his library after customizing they a bit.

Christophe Dulieu (ChD) for the windsock he give to me.

Thanks also to Phil, Guy, Jean-michel and Christophe who brought me their comments relevant to the tests.

Download scenery of Yeu island (700Mo)

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Before After

yeu reel

yeu avant

teu apres


yeu4 avant

yeu4 apres      

yeu3 avant

yeu3 apres

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yeu2 apres

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yeu5 apres

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yeu6 apres

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yeu8 apres
yeu9 avant
yeu9 apres

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