My scenery add-ons and missions for Flight Simulator X. All of them have been made with specifics tools for this version and do not work at all with FS 2004.

"Urgenges à Nantes" is a mission that requires the installation of the "City of Nantes" scenery to work properly.
A small mission is included in the St Pierre & Miquelon scenery.

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City of PARIS - intra muros version 1.25

December 2015 - Updated in 2018

Download specific Autogen for P3D Download scenery for FsX

For years I've planned this scenery. I started to work on summer of 2013. I did not imagine at those time it would take me so long time to build it. I wanted to create a very specific autogen based on news "extrusions" to render more accurately the density of buildings in Paris. This is the purpose of this scenery. Everything else is only standard improvement.

The scenery is a little larger than Paris. Sometimes goes beyond the outlying street and also includes the cities of Boulogne-Billancourt, Neuilly, Auteuil.

- A full autogen, based on my originals "extrusions", with pictures of Parisian buildings. Big thanks to Jean-Louis and Dominique Dziedziczak Derreumaux for their photographic contributions. Also big thank to Gideon Grospied for its originals autogen files on which I rely to create my own files.

- A mesh on a 20m / pixel basis. It has been retouched by hand to stick well to buildings.

- The photo texture on the basis of an old image from "Geoportail", used for non-commercial purposes. The 4 seasons and night are represented with their shades. This is why the zip file is so big (1.5 Go).

- Relocated and rescaled all the remarkable buildings of the original scene, who was, too big (radio-France tower, triumph arch, obelisk) or too small (sacre-coeur church).

- A bunch of generic buildings.

- A number of additional remarkable buildings from the formal Google Earth. I also want to thank the authors. Those I have contacted did not answered me. I hope they are not annoyed by used some of their objects.

- All bridges and some remarkable buildings handmade. A big thank to Didier Puentes who help me with the great wheel of the "Tuileries Park".

- A slew of generic bridges around the scenes, on the basis of a bridge file Gropied Gideon gave me. Again thanks to him.

- Little road traffic.

As usual, a big thank you to the community who helped me to debug the scenery.

Yeu island - LFEY

December 2012

Download scenery "ile d'Yeu"

All the island of Yeu. There is nothing surprising in this scenery which is classic in all points of views.

- The mesh is now based on a 20 m per pixel. A very local mesh is sampled specifically to keep the compatibility with pay mesh (5 m).

- A photo-real  texture picture with a new in 0.5 m/pixel. There is four seasons and the night inside.

- A new airfield and runway. The runway is flat, allowing to preserve the AI traffic.

- Many specifics buildings and landmarks.

I have to say a big thank you to several people:

Pascal Dumat who gave me his local airplane traffic. I also picked up a few parts of textures of its terminal. Gédeon Gropied who gave me Agn files of the island containing the houses. Jean-marc Ganille which gave me quite a few recent photos of the Terminal. Patrick RENAUDIN. I've used two characters of his library after customizing they a bit. Christophe Dulieu (ChD) for the windsock he give to me.

Thanks also to Phil, Guy, Jean-michel and Christophe who brought me their comments relevant to the tests.

St Barthelemy island - version 1.1

March 2011 - Updated in 2017

St barth
Download scenery of Saint-Barth

I am unfortunately never been to St. Barth, but after discovering a picture of a spectacular landing on the runway caught between a hill and the sea; i decided to to make a scenery.

As usual, I changed everything I could. I created a sloped runway closest to reality.

Try to make some landings with a Britten-Norman Islander, one aircraft serving the island, to see if you can do it as well as the real pilots.

Thanks to members of "Pilote-virtuel" forum who have made relevant comments and authors of some screenshots you'll discover below.

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Fillion for is statics planes library

Version 1.1
from December 2017.
This new version update AutogenConfigurationMerger for compatibility with P3D v4.


September 2010

Download scenery of New-Caledonia

Begun in fall 2008, following a trip to Noumea, this scenery try to modify the entire archipelago with the original ambition to make visible the coral reef surrounding the main island and numerous other islets. It consists of a mesh, a waterclass, a landclass, news roads, rivers and shoreline and some buildings around Noumea, generic or created.

For seeing the reef, you must add new "vectors" in the file Terrain.cfg. It's pretty simple. Read the readme file.

You can find scenery of locals airports and airfields on AVSIM or elsewhere to complete the mood.

City of Nantes

June 2007

Download scenery City of Nantes

Much more than update of my scenery for FS 2004, i have created the entire city (about 120 km2) in photo-realistic textures (4 seasons and night) with autogen.
Dozens of buildings are modeled and also the bridges who are landable.
Car traffic is improved and more complete.
The down_town receiving special treatment under Gmax to give the look of older neighborhoods.
About sixty generic buildings (churches, towers, ships, cranes ,...) are set to their real locations to make the city more realistic.
The rivers are placed to a proper altitude and the terrain has a specific mesh.
Throughout the ride, you can discover the major monuments around the city, with specific FsX textures, like "Brittany tower" and the new courthouse, which reflect the surrounding landscape.

Mission "Urgences à Nantes"

September 2007

Download mission "Urgences à Nantes"

This is my first mission for FSX.

You will therefore undertake a helicopter mission to bring the captain of a freighter to hospital. You must absolutely control the helicopter flight to accomplish this mission.
This mission requires you to install my scenery "City of Nantes" to enjoy the whole environment and atmosphere provided in the scenario.

Happy flying, and give me back your difficulties and feelings.

Saint-Pierre et Miquelon islands

July 2008


Download scenery of St-Pierre et Miquelon Patch SPM for "French Island Photos HD"

Another update of my scenery designed for FS9.
You will find the island of St Pierre recreated with photo-realistic textures 2M/pixel, significantly improved compared to FS9.
The village of Miquelon is also recreates with photorealistic textures.
As usual, all seasons are present as well as night textures.
Terrain, Landclass, Autogen, rivers and roads are presents, and also a little traffic and most notable buildings.

The big news is the airport of St-Pierre. I modeled in Gmax the runway with its true longitudinal profile. The runway is shaped like a bowl, as in reality. This does not really make the landing more difficult but it provides greater realism. The taxi-ways are also modeled in the same way.
Runway, taxi-ways and parking using a photo-realistic texture. The compromise between quality and size of textures give a close look not completely perfect. The runway lights, placed at different altitudes complicate the task and the approach lights are quite surprising.

I also included a basic mission to help you discover the archipelago.

A patch released by Alain Nicco. This patch merge correctly my scenery with "French Islands PHOTO HD" (commercial scenery by FranceVFR)

Peninsula of Croisic

December 2006

le croisic
Download scenery of Croisic

This is my first scenery created for FSX, small (approximately 20 km2) using photo-realistic textures
(4 seasons and night) with autogen.
Several buildings are modeled.
Ground textures are very detailed (1m/pixel) with a progressive transparency for a better rendering of the beaches and rocks on seaside.
From "La Baule", fly to the west to explore the peninsula, the surrounding swamps, small churches and water towers.

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