My scenery add-on for Flight Simulator 2020. They have been made with Blender and the SDK.

Nantes Yeu islandSaint-Perre and Miquelon
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NANTES Landmarks version 2

July 2023


This scenery was at the beginning an update of my previous scenery for FsX.

All the buildings, bridges, antennas, mobiles have finally been completely redone, from the old files or from scratch, because the previous versions were not at all at the level of quality needed for the current simulator.

-v2 : compatibility with City Update II : France (photogrammetry)

v1.2 : May 2022

- Compatibility with SU9

- Add wave effect to the Navibus boat

v1.1 : February 2022

- Add some low poly LODs levels to few objects to better performance

- Add some excludes to better compatibility with others scenery addons

Download Nantes Landmarks v2

For those how have not install "City Update France II" pack, you can still use the old version.

Download Nantes Landmark v1.2

Yeu island (LFEY et HIYJ) version 1.1

  April 2022

aerodrome de l'île d'Yeu

This scenery is an update of my previous scenery for FsX.

It's composed of the aerodrome of Yeu island (LFEY) and the helistation of Port-Joinville (HIYJ).

Note that to open/close the hangar door, you must hide/show the Yoke.

As you fly over the island, you will see buildings, churches, the old castle, some marks at sea, and of course the big lighthouse close to LFEY.

V1.1 from 26/04/2022

 - flatten ground texture of Port-Joinville helistation

Download Yeu island LFEY

St-Pierre and Miquelon (LFVP et LFVM) version 1

  Avril 2023

aeroport de St-Pierre

This scenery has been done by my friend Claude Daguerre, who lives in St-Pierre.

The airport of St-Pierre (LFVP) and airport of Miquelon (LFVM) are modeled with true buildings and hangars.

Download St-Pierre and Miquelon
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